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“Renee Terrell with Concept Marketing has been a fabulous resource in many ways. I really love her ability to clearly capture and articulate the message you want your audience to hear.”

Yolanda Wright, Executive Director

Stats Free Living

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Dr.  Karyl Askew

 Karyl Askew Consulting, LLC.

“Renee, writing to extend my appreciation. You added clarity and direction from the very first meeting. I was energized by the vision of possibilities you laid out so clearly. I look forward to continuing to grow my business by better articulating my brand in consultation with you and my team."

Astrid Booker, Author


"I’ve had the great pleasure of watching Renee in action on several platforms and fortunate to take advantage of her exceptional skills as a brand strategist.  She’s an extremely effective communicator with a bright and lively attitude which makes working with her an inspiration and a pleasure.   She has an innate ability to simplify complex ideas making them relevant for the intended audience. Renee is a creative visionary who is very knowledgeable about her craft.  She uses her impeccable insight and coaching skills to develop a concise marketing plan for brand positioning while strategically maintaining its uniqueness and authenticity.  Working with her has definitely been a breath of fresh air."

Phyllis Breech


“Wow, coach Renee is amazing! The valued and impact that she has had on my business is priceless. She not only holds you accountable to helping you identify your business goals, she shows you exactly what you need to do, what tools you should use. Even sending instructional videos and inspirational gifts and cards to keep you moving forward. I highly recommend Coach Renee! ”

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